Sex Crimes and Domestic Violence

I spent most of my legal career in the Brooklyn District Attorney’s office, protecting people from domestic violence and sexual assault. I am not only committed to protecting victims – but I am also determined to push this important conversation forward. That’s why I recently held a press conference and announced that I filed criminal charges against the powerful Long Island politician who pressured me for sex for many years.

Telling my story before the assembled reporters was grueling and difficult, but I pushed through it. And that’s because I spent many years trying to persuade victims to come to court and testify and I wasn’t about to sit on my hands and pretend that these crimes didn’t happen. I will continue to speak up and talk about this politician/criminal – even if it continues to anger powerful party bosses.

One of the reasons that I’m running for office, is because Congressman Tom Suozzi wrote a personal letter of support to the judge when this politician/criminal was convicted of felony tax evasion last year. Congressman Suozzi said that the sexual predator was a person of real integrity “who treats everyone with empathy.” I am absolutely determined to educate New Yorkers and let everyone know that sex crimes are serious crimes and they are gender-neutral crimes. Men and women commit these crimes and men and women are victimized. (Photo: Michael holding a press conference to announce criminal charges against a Nassau County party boss for sexual harassment)

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Green New Deal

Climate change is not only real, it is an existential threat to the future of our planet, and we must take bold action to prevent its economic and environmental impacts here and around the globe. That’s why I support the Green New Deal. As the Trump Administration implements policies that damage our environment, open spaces, air, and coastlines, we must take a stand. President Trump's decision to pull us out of the Paris Climate Agreement was a foolhardy maneuver that takes us backwards in our fight to protect the environment. I am a life-long environmentalist. I spent six months working at Greenpeace when I was a teenager and I will continue to work hard to prevent climate change. (Photo: Michael Weinstock fishing in the Long Island sound)

Support Immigrants

Our current immigration system is outdated and not working. I will work towards creating a clear, legal pathway to citizenship. We must protect students who were brought to this country as children, who by no fault of their own, never obtained legal status. For many of these children, better known as Dreamers, the United States is the only home country they know, and in some cases, English the only language they speak. I strongly support passing the DREAM Act to provide these young people with a path to citizenship. As a member of Congress, I will always support equal access to higher education regardless of immigration status. And, of course, I will fight the Trump Administration and work doggedly, to ensure that children are never forced to sleep in cages, simply because their parents decided to immigrate to the US. (Photo: Great Neck Memorial Day Parade)


Unlike Tom Suozzi, I actually supported the Articles of Impeachment. I spent many years working as an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn's Sex Crimes Bureau and I consider myself a “Law and Order” type of person. That's why I was I was stunned when Director Muller testified, and he informed Congress that he would have indicted President Trump – if he wasn’t the sitting President. After all, nobody should be above the law. (Photo: Michael being interviewed in the Capital Building)

PTSD and Depression

In the years following 9/11, I struggled with PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and Depression – in a big way. I tried to hide the condition from my friends and family (and even my brother firefighters) because I felt embarrassment and shame. Thankfully, I received treatment from the 9/11 Victim’s Compensation Fund and the Center for Coping, in Hicksville. I am 100% committed to sharing my story publicly and doing everything possible to push this important conversation forward and de-stigmatize mental illness. And yes – I admire Jason Kander for his bravery speaking out publicly and discussing his experience with PTSD. He gave me the courage to “do the right thing” and speak publicly about my condition. (Photo: Michael at Ground Zero)
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I come from a proud union family and I will always be appreciative of the critical role that unions play with middle class families – and families that are struggling hard, to climb into the middle class. My mother and grandmother were both members of 1199 (Health and Hospital Workers) and my dad was a member of PEF (New York State Public Employees Federation.) When I was a little boy, I had life-saving surgery to repair a birth defect. I thank God that my dad was a member of a union, or the surgery would have been postponed or altered. (Photo: Young Michael recovering from surgery to repair a serious birth defect)

Medicare for All

All Americans have a right to health care. This is beyond dispute. And while I am wholeheartedly supportive of Medicare for All; I am also concerned about the implementation. Many union members are gravely concerned that Medicare for All will create serious problems with their existing health care benefits. I will do everything possible, to push Medicare for All forward - and work with local union leaders to ensure that they are not hurt (Photo: Treating a 9/11 Victim -who later became a dear friend)
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I am deeply concerned about the resurgence of anti-Semitism across Europe. This hatred serves as a reminder that persecuted Jews must always have a safe harbor: My family lost relatives in the Holocaust and I believe that Israel must remain strong. As a member of Congress, I will be an ardent supporter of Israel and a steadfast ally for the Israeli people. I was pleased when the United States moved our embassy to Jerusalem, and I will do everything humanly possible to ensure that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons. I will only support a two-state solution when the Palestinian Authority condemns the use of terror and embraces Israel’s right to exist. Being Jewish is important to me—it is a cornerstone of my life. That’s why I lived in Israel for six months, to immerse myself and learn, while attending Ben Gurion University. I also keep kosher and I strive to be a better Jew. (Photo: Speaking with students at Silverstein Hebrew Academy, in Great Neck)

9/11 Victim's Compensation Fund

I have been fighting to extend the 9/11 Victim’s Compensation Fund long before I decided to run for Congress. I’m keenly aware of the hugely important work of the 9/11 fund because quite a few of my firefighter friends are struggling with cancer. Many of these guys are still young men. Once a year, I get screened for cancer and other 9/11 related illnesses and its always a day of incredible anxiety. Part of the reason that I’m running for Congress, is because I believe that public service should be more than stunts – generated to get media attention. (Photo: 9/11 Cancer Screening at NYU Hospital)
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Helicopter Noise

Helicopter noise is no joke – and it’s getting worse. If I am elected to Congress, I will push the FAA to finally make permanent changes to helicopter flight paths in Northeast Queens and simultaneously introduce legislation to create a “Helicopter Impact Fund” to offset the negative impact of helicopter noise throughout Queens and Long Island. The fund will directly benefit residents and provide resources for mitigation measures in the areas surrounding airports and helicopter pads. This important issue has been ignored for too long. (Photo: Helicopters have been causing havoc all around Whitestone)

Suffolk County Traffic Court

The Suffolk County Traffic Court is a criminal enterprise. The “judges” in this building, have a long history of illegally holding motorists overnight in the “motorist jail cells” without allowing them to speak with an attorney. Even today, the website falsely claims, that the traffic court is a “Court of Record” and the courthouse is prohibited from providing residents with a working telephone number. For many years, a sign posted in the lobby informed motorists, that “Scofflaw fines must be paid before motorists will be allowed to speak with a prosecutor or judge.” This was not only a violation of New York State law – it was also an obvious violation of the US Constitution. This place is such a mess, that motorists are frequently charged with the same exact offense - in two different courthouses. These unfortunate drivers are forced to hire private attorneys to try to untangle the bureaucratic nightmare. If elected, I will insist that FBI agents conduct a robust investigation and hold the courthouse officials accountable or shut the place down entirely. (Photo: Suffolk Country Traffic Court Office)
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Treating Queens with Dignity

Treat Queens With Dignity

Michael Weinstock believes that Queens voters and Long Island voters should be treated equally. If elected to Congress, Michael will ensure that the Congressional office in Queens will be open during regular business hours. Why are Long Island residents encouraged to walk into their Congressman’s office at their convenience, but Queens residents are forced to make an appointment? Voter representation has always been important to Michael. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Michael shuttered his law practice and volunteered with the staff of North Shore Hospital, ensuring that hospitalized patients were permitted to vote.

When the local Board of Elections turned away their absentee ballots, Michael traveled to the State Supreme Court and demanded an emergency hearing. He won the hearing and the story appeared on page one, of the New York Law Journal. Governor Andrew Cuomo learned of Weinstock’s work and was impressed. According to Governor Cuomo, Weinstock demonstrated “great tenacity in bringing the vote to hospitalized patients in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and provided an inspirational story, reminding us of the importance of exercising our constitutional rights.”


For too long our education system has been neglected and fed with empty promises. No more. I will fight to strengthen the Every Student Succeeds Act by allocating more funding to states for education. Many of our most vulnerable children rely on the education provided through our public-school system. It is our responsibility as members of our community to make sure every student from kindergarten to university has the resources they need; everyone deserves a future. I will support any measure to make college more affordable and more accessible to students.

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Univ. Iowa Shooting

Gun Safety

I will always remember the day that a gunman opened fire on my college campus, at the University of Iowa. And I will always remember, kneeling on the floor of the clasroom and treating those students who were shot. And I will never forget living in Jamaica, Queens during the early 90s, when I would hear gunshots, every single night, outside my window. Enough is enough. We cannot stand by while gun violence threatens our communities. The issue is gun safety. It is not about being anti-gun or pro-gun; it is about being anti-gun-violence. I will fight to promote and pass common-sense legislation to prevent gun violence. I will also work to increase access to mental health resources to those who need help, while ensuring that our law enforcement has the tools they need to keep our communities safe.

LGBT Rights

We live in very divisive times. From the White House to our communities, everyday Americans are under attack because of who they are and how they feel. I cannot stand aside as Americans live in fear based on their sexuality. It does not matter whether you are straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning. I will strive to be a role model for all kids—both gay and straight and will support equality for all people, and will fight tirelessly to ensure that no one is treated differently because of who they are or who they love.

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I will always remember visiting my grandfather, Manny Weinstock, in the veteran’s hospital, where he lived, during my childhood. My grandfather was my hero. I admired him not only because he was a WWII combat photographer, but also because he was always optimistic, despite being a double-amputee and requiring a wheelchair. Yet now, when our brave veterans cannot access quality healthcare, find a steady paying job, or find a place to live – we have failed. We can, and must, do better. We must commit ourselves to ensure that our veterans receive the assistance they need for their physical and mental health, in addition to programs for education and employment. If elected to Congress, I will support efforts to streamline disability benefit claims and reform the VA. I would encourage corporations to hire veterans by working to enact and extend tax credits for employers that hire former service members. Further, I will push to improve our suicide prevention and mental health programs to help combat the epidemic that is veteran suicide, which claims 20 lives every day. These veterans put their lives on the line to make sure our communities are safe: it's time for us to give back.

Preventing Wrongful Convictions

We must do everything humanly possible to prevent and overturn wrongful convictions. Even one innocent person in prison is one too many. I will fight to ensure that every District Attorney’s office in the nation has a Conviction Review Bureau. There are more than 2,300 prosecutor’s offices in the country and only 45 have a Conviction Review Bureau. Local prosecutors who refuse to create such a bureau, should be required to forfeit all of their federal funding. And I strongly believe that police officers and prosecutors who get caught hiding or destroying evidence - should be held accountable with jail time.

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