Michael Weinstock vs Tom Suozzi

Michael Weinstock is a person who takes immediate action. On the morning of 9/11, most of the world was watching television. Michael rushed to Ground Zero. Seven years earlier, Michael did the same exact thing, when there was a shooter on his college campus.While many politicians like to say that they are “advocates” for sexual abuse survivors, Michael Weinstock spent years working as an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn’s Special Victim Bureau — where he protected victims and put the perpetrators in prison.

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Unlike Congressman Suozzi, I have always supported moving towards a single-payer healthcare system, lowering the costs of prescription drugs, and making healthcare more affordable. I am committed to fighting the opioid epidemic in New York and expanding access to addiction treatment. I will work to ensure that women have full access to reproductive healthcare and maintain their right to choose without restriction. I struggled with PTSD and depression following 9/11, and I will do everything possible to destigmatize mental illness and ensure that mental health issues are treated just like any other medical condition.

I am deeply concerned about the resurgence of anti-Semitism across Europe. This hatred serves as a reminder that persecuted Jews must always have a safe harbour: Israel must remain strong. As a member of Congress, I will be the most ardent supporter of Israel and a steadfast ally for the Israeli people. I was thrilled when the United States moved our embassy to Jerusalem and I will do everything humanly possible to ensure that Iran does not acquire nuclear weapons. I will only support a two-state solution when the Palestinian Authority condemns the use of terror and embraces Israel’s right to exist. Being Jewish is important to me—it is a cornerstone of my life. That’s why I lived in Israel for six months, to immerse myself and to learn, while attending Ben Gurion University in Be’er Sheva, Israel. I also keep kosher, and I strive to be a better Jew.
Gun Safety

I will always remember the day that a gunman opened fire on my college campus, at the University of Iowa. And I will always remember, kneeling on the floor of the clasroom and treating those students who were shot. And I will never forget living in Jamaica, Queens during the early 90s, when I would hear gunshots, every single night, outside my window. The issue is gun safety. It is not about being anti-gun or pro-gun; it is about being anti-gun-violence. I will fight to promote and pass common-sense legislation to prevent gun violence. I will also work to increase access to mental health resources to those who need help, while ensuring that our law enforcement has the tools they need to keep our communities safe.
LGBT Rights

I will strive to be a role model for all kids—both gay and straight. I support equality for all people. It does not matter whether you are straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, or questioning. Everyone deserves to live freely and without fear. I will fight tirelessly to ensure that no one is treated differently because of who they are or who they love.

I will always remember visiting my grandfather, Manny Weinstock, in the veteran’s hospital, where he lived, during my childhood. My grandfather was my hero. I admired him not only because he was a WWII combat photographer, but also because he was always optimistic, despite being a double-amputee and requiring a wheelchair. When our veterans cannot access quality healthcare, find a steady paying job, or find a place to live – we have failed. We can, and must, do better. We must commit ourselves to ensure that our veterans receive the assistance they need for their physical and mental health, in addition to programs for education and employment. If elected to Congress, I will support efforts to streamline disability benefit claims and reform the VA. I would encourage corporations to hire veterans by working to enact and extend tax credits for employers that hire former service members. Further, I will push to improve our suicide prevention and mental health programs to help combat the epidemic that is veteran suicide, which claims 20 lives every day.

Investing in a high-quality pre-k-12 public education system is integral to ensuring a bright future for our nation. Many of our most vulnerable children rely on the education provided through our public-school system and preserving public education and viewing it as an investment in our future generations will be one of my priorities in Congress. I will be a vocal advocate to ensure that all stakeholders are cognizant of the long-term impact of the education decisions that are currently being made under our current administration. I will support any measure to make college more affordable and more accessible to students.

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