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About Michael

Michael Weinstock is seeking to become the first 9/11 firefighter elected to Congress. If elected, Michael will also become the first openly gay person elected to Congress from New York City. He is running for New York’s 3rd Congressional District, which stretches from Queens to Suffolk County. Michael is a proud New Yorker. He has lived nearly his entire life in Queens and Long Island. He grew up here, and on his eighteenth birthday, he joined the volunteer fire department in Great Neck.

Michael worked his way through college and law school, while volunteering as a firefighter and Emergency Medical Technician (EMT). He served on active duty for twelve years. During his first year in law school, Michael saved the dean’s life when the dean of his law school suffered a heart attack. Michael attended St. John’s University School of Law in Jamaica, Queens. Upon graduation, Michael became an Assistant District Attorney, in Brooklyn. He volunteered for assignment in the Special Victim’s Bureau, where he protected thousands of women and men who were the victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse.

Always Striving To Help

On the morning of September 11, 2001, Michael looked out his window. He saw a huge amount of black smoke pouring from the World Trade Center. Michael immediately ran outside and waived down a passing ambulance. Michael was unloading emergency medical supplies from the ambulance when the first tower came crashing down. Michael was able to run to safety, but the ambulance was crushed and destroyed. In the days that followed, Michael worked with other firefighters on the “bucket brigade” at Ground Zero.

On the first anniversary of 9/11, Michael was flown to Wellington, New Zealand, where he was reunited with two 9/11 victims he assisted and honored by the Prime Minister of New Zealand. In 2018, Michael used the skills he developed as a prosecutor to reunite Assemblyman Tony D’Urso with the Jewish family that he and his parents hid from the Nazis when Assemblyman D’Urso was a boy in Italy. The reunion was held in Naples, Italy, and it received significant media attention in the United States, Italy, and Israel. In 2019, Pope Francis recognized the D’Urso family and honored Michael Weinstock for his indispensable role in reuniting the two families.

Treat Queens With Dignity

Michael Weinstock believes that Queens voters and Long Island voters should be treated equally. If elected to Congress, Michael will ensure that the Congressional office in Queens will be open during regular business hours. Why are Long Island residents encouraged to walk into their Congressman’s office at their convenience, but Queens residents are forced to make an appointment?Voter representation has always been important to Michael. In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, Michael shuttered his law practice and volunteered with the staff of North Shore Hospital, ensuring that hospitalized patients were permitted to vote.

When the local Board of Elections turned away their absentee ballots, Michael travelled to the State Supreme Court and demanded an emergency hearing. He won the hearing and the story appeared on page one, of the New York Law Journal. Governor Andrew Cuomo learned of Weinstock’s work and was impressed. According to Governor Cuomo, Weinstock demonstrated “great tenacity in bringing the vote to hospitalized patients in the wake of Hurricane Sandy and provided an inspirational story, reminding us of the importance of exercising our constitutional rights.”

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