Michael Weinstock vs Tom Suozzi

Michael Weinstock vs Tom Suozzi

Michael Weinstock is a person who takes immediate action. On the morning of 9/11, most of the world was watching television. Michael rushed to Ground Zero. Seven years earlier, Michael did the same exact thing, when there was a shooter on his college campus.

While many politicians like to say that they are “advocates” for sexual abuse survivors, Michael Weinstock spent years working as an Assistant District Attorney in Brooklyn’s Special Victim Bureau — where he protected victims and put the perpetrators in prison.

When Assemblyman Tony D’Urso wanted his father’s heroism recognized for saving a Jewish family from the Nazis in WWII, Michael not only reunited these Holocaust survivors with their rescuers, but he earned the attention of Pope Francis, who invited him to Rome.

Michael Weinstock gets things done.

Tom Suozzi enjoys gimmicks – and stunts that will get him on television. He loves the appearance of accomplishing things.

Suozzi’s so-called “Fix Albany” crusade is a perfect example of his media shenanigans. Suozzi accomplished nothing — except for some free media attention. Anybody who believes that Albany is fixed, should absolutely vote for Tom Suozzi.

New York politicians are still getting arrested and protecting one another, and Tom Suozzi is the biggest offender. When Suozzi was asked why he wrote a letter of support for a sexual predator, his only response was “Tom DiNapoli did the same thing. And so did lots of other politicians.”

This is not okay today, tomorrow, or ever.

Politicians like Tom Souzzi have turned New York’s political establishment into a laughingstock. And that’s why Michael Weinstock is running for Congress.

Differences between Michael Weinstock and Tom Suozzi

Pharmaceutical Money
I will not accept pharmaceutical money. You know who loves the pharmaceutical industry? Tom Suozzi. Suozzi’s biggest contributor is Henry Schein pharmaceuticals, one of the nation’s largest producers and distributors of opioids. Prosecutors across the country have sued Schein for contributing to the opioid epidemic. Schein Medical also has big problems here in New York. The company refuses to contribute to a fund, established by the Attorney General, to defray costs from the opioid crisis.
Nonetheless, Suozzi continues to accept a fortune of money from the executives at Schein. Tom Suozzi should return the opioid money or donate those contributions to the Attorney General’s fund. At the very least, when Mr. Suozzi is conducting one of his public relations events, with survivors of the opioid crisis; he should be candid, and let them know, that his biggest contributor is Henry Schein.

Donald Trump Money
Suozzi has accepted $11,000 from Donald Trump. That’s far more money than I have received from anyone. Suozzi should return the money or donate it to Planned Parenthood.

Suozzi Supports ICE Officers
Unlike Suozzi, I am strongly opposed to ICE, particularly the way ICE agents have lured immigrants into courtrooms and arrested them. I was also appalled by the arrest of the Judge and the court officer in Massachusetts, for helping an immigrant slip away from the courthouse and avoid ICE agents. Unlike Suozzi, if I was a member of Congress last summer, I would have absolutely voted to abolish ICE. And I would have issued a bold statement supporting the Massachusetts Judge and the Court officer.
Federal agents should never interfere with the operation of state courts. It’s not only a serious violation of our constitutional system, but it endangers lives, because people in immigrant communities will be justifiably fearful of all local police officers and local courthouses.

Suozzi Harms Democrats
I am a proud Democrat and would never join the so-called Problem Solver Caucus. The only accomplishment of the Problem Solver Caucus was to hobble Nancy Pelosi, as she was trying to regain the speaker’s chair. Working in a bipartisan fashion is great, and compromise should be encouraged; but kicking Nancy Pelosi in the shins, while she was seeking to become speaker again, is unforgivable. I am a life-long Democrat and the ideals of the Democratic party are the values that have shaped me. Unlike Suozzi, I will vote like a Democrat.

Medicare for All
Health care is right. That’s why I am supportive of Medicare for All; although I am genuinely concerned about the implementation. Both of my parents were members of unions and we enjoyed phenomenal health care when I was growing up. I’ve spoken with quite a few union members, who are gravely concerned that the quality of their health care will decrease significantly, if Medicare for All, becomes law. While I am wholeheartedly supportive of Medicare for All, I don’t think their concerns are trivial.

Dietary Supplement Caucus
According to Tom Suozzi’s official website, he is an active member of the “Congressional Dietary Supplement Caucus.” His commitment to this organization is bizarre at best, and dangerous, at worst. The Caucus operates as a mouthpiece for the dietary supplement industry, despite the fact, that most doctors believe dietary supplements are nonsense and their use should be avoided. The New York State Attorney General recently sent cease and desist letters to GNC, Target, Walgreens, and Walmart; demanding that they halt sales of many dietary supplements, that were found to contain dangerous contaminants. Nonetheless, Suozzi’s website continues to tout his important work as a member of this ludicrous Caucus. Congressman Suozzi is plainly (1) supporting a very questionable industry or (2) engaging in complete shenanigans because he loves to give the appearance of accomplishing things.